Sunday, 27 February 2011

Audience Feedback

I decided to conduct a questionnaire to give to members of my target audience, so that I can receive feedback. I printed off ten copies and distributed them to males and females as my music magazine is aimed at both.

These are the questions I came up with:

1.    What do you think of the colour scheme?
2.    Would you consider buying this magazine? Why?
3.    What stands out the most on the front cover? Why?
4.    What could be done to improve the front cover? Give detail.
      5.    What do you think of the cover image?
6.    What do you think of the layout on the contents page?
7.    What do you think are the strengths of the contents page? Give detail.
8.    What do you think are the weaknesses of the contents page? Give detail.
9.    Do you think the double page spread looks professional? Why?
10.  What do you think of the images on the double page spread?
11.  What could be done to improve the double page spread? Give detail.
12.  What do you like about the double page spread and why?
13.  Do you think that the overall production looks professional? Why?  

14.   Do you think it could compete with existing music magazines and why?

After distributing my questionnaire to ten people from my target audience I realised that the responses were extremely positive, and in the questions where I asked for improvements the changes would be easy to do, such as the black and white images being made brighter. The target audience generally thought that the contrasting colours worked well together and that they thought it was bright and bold. Furthermore they thought that all the images were well taken and looked professional. Most of the people said that the main cover image suited the indie genre well as well as looking eye catching. All the people that I asked thought that the images that separated the feature and regular columns turned out to be an effective layout. The main thing people thought were weaknesses on the contents page was that they thought there wasn't enough colour. Each of the people I asked said that the double page spread looked professional because of the layout and photographs. Finally everyone said that the overall production looked professional as they said it looks like a real magazine, therefore they said that it could compete with existing magazines.

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