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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Production - Screen Shots of my Contents Page

Roughly every 10 minutes I took screen shots of my contents page to show its production. 

First of all I added the title Contents to the page and wrote down all the regular and feature articles that would appear in the magazine. Next I constructed a picture box so I could insert an image.

I then chose an image that I wanted on my contents page and moved the feature column to the other side,as once I had finished adding all the articles both regular and features could not fit in the one column.

I felt that my contents page was lacking colour so I added a strip of blue at the top, and I changed the text colour to white so that it would be the same colour scheme as the front cover.

I then added a black text box to put behind the text regulars and features to make them stand out more. Next I imported another image and tried to find a layout that would fit them all on.

I imported my final image and found a suitable layout that would fit everything on. I moved the feature column so that I could fit all of my images on and have a subscription advert in the corner, whereby I have added a picture of my front cover. This is my first draft of my contents page.

After looking at my first draft I realised that the layout wasn't very effective so I put the regulars and features in contrasting columns again. I next moved my subscribe section from the bottom of the page to the top to fill up the space next to the word CONTENTS which gives the page a better overall look. Since I moved the subscribe section I had to create a box for me to import a final image.

To fit in with the colour scheme I changed the colour of the regulars and features boxes from black to red. As I had room for an additional image I imported another photograph of  Lydia Owen, who has a feature article within the magazine. Finally I also had to change the picture of the front cover in the subscribe section as I had made changes to it, such as the red and blue colour scheme.

I had to take an additional picture as it looked strange with two very similar images, so I invented a new band. Therefore I had to change one of the feature articles so that it would be cohesive to the image.

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