Monday, 10 January 2011

Production - Screen Shots of my Front Cover

Front cover

Roughly every 10 minutes I took screen shots of my front cover to show how I have created it.
Here I have just started to create my magazine front cover and added the title.

I added a barcode and added my positioning statement.

I wrote all of my coverlines on the cover, however I don't like it all being black.

Since I discovered from my questionnaire results that the target audiences favourite colour was blue I decided to change the text colour. I also wanted my title to stand out more so I made it bigger, changed the colour and added a white outer glow by going into layer then layer style. As the title covered part of the main image I copied the main image put it in front and used the rubber to reveal the title behind the image. Moreover, since the outer glow on the title was white I thought it would be more appropriate to use white text on the cover. I also moved the price of the magazine onto the top of the barcode as well as the web address because there was a bare space in the corner which I felt needed to be filled.

I continued to add more coverlines to fill some of the spaces, keeping to the new blue and white colour scheme.

Afterwards I decided that I needed an extra coverline on the right hand side as it was too bare.

After looking at my front cover I decided to change the artists name due to the fact that I had already used the word Indie several times within the coverlines. Next I moved the title down so that I coud fit the positioning statement above it. I made the barcode smaller (by doing ctrl t) after I realised that it would be too big once I printed it off. At the bottom of the magazine I added a strip listing bands and artists that would feature in the magazine by creating 2 separate shapes so I could fill them in, in different colours Furthermore I moved the price under the title of the magazine.

To make the main coverline stand out more I changed the colour of the rest of the other coverlines from blue to black. Moreover there was too much blue on the cover so this was another reason why I changed them to black. I also increased the size of the artist's name.

When the front cover was printed off I noticed that the blue was fairly dark and wasn't eye catching enough. Therefore I made the blue brighter by using the fill tool, and changed the name of the magazine to a bright red which stands out a lot more. I also made the main coverline slightly bigger by using ctrl t.

To make the main coverline stand out against the cover image I put an outer glow around the artists name and quotation marks.

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