Thursday, 11 November 2010

Planning Production

Front cover images:
  • Main image will be a female posing as an artist
  • Barcode

  • Interview with the cover artist or band - An exclusive interview with.... 
  • Breaking into the Business - how to get noticed
  • The Drums on Shuffle - 25 songs most played on their iPod
  • Playing Around - The places where most talent scouts look
  • The 10 Best Indie Bands - 10 of the best indie bands since the 90s
  • A Killer Column - Lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers monthly column
Text for contents page:

The word Contents in a bold font on a blue background, the same colour as the name of the magazine.  

Regular Content:

2   Editor's letter
6   Official Top 20 Indie Music Chart
8   Who is touring this month?
11 A Killer column – lead singer of the killers, Brandon Flowers, monthly column
12 Band of the month
13 Snap it up! – this month in pictures
23 Album Reviews
27 So last month – reviews of last months gigs
33 This month in music 
68 Music Madness! – music quiz
71 10 Questions with... (mumford and sons)
83 Say What? – letters from fans
85 Subscribe!
91 This months best international band

Feature Content:

10 Article on Kings of Leon
15 Article on Florence and the Machine
17 Loving Lissie – article on Lissie     
18 Interview with Beat Surrender
21 Interview with Yeasayer
25 Radio 1 – what’s on their playlist this month
36The Drums on Shuffle – 25 songs most played on their iPod
44 Legal downloading sites
52 Breaking into the business – article on how to get noticed
56 An interview with Vampire Weekend
69 The Best Indie Bands
77 Guitars – a feature article on guitars
78 Playing Around – places where most talent scouts look
99 The 10 Best Indie Albums

Images needed for contents page:
  • Image of the front cover of the magazine
  • Picture of a range of guitars
  • A picture of an iPod with The Drums on it
  • Image of Beat Surrender
  • Smaller image of the cover artist

Article for double paged spread:

I am going to interview a local band, Beat Surrender asking them questions before and after their gig. Therefore I will need a picture of the band as the main image for my article.

Rough Sketches of front cover and contents page:

make avatar

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