Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Audience Research - Questionnaire Results

1. Male - 8
    Female - 12

I asked 20 people what their favourite colour was and the most popular colours were blue and purple. Therefore for my indie magazine I will use those as my main colours.

The general age of the people I asked was 16 and 17. It is generally teenagers that buy music magazines which has made me think to shorten the age range of my target audience to 15-20.

My results show that people generally buy music magazines monthly, therefore I would also make my magazine come out monthly.

For this question the majority said that they would be willing to pay £2-£3 for a music magazine, therefore my magazine should be within that price range to compete with existing magazines.

This shows that people generally go to gigs therefore I would include gig and festival information in my magazine.

The results show that just over half the people I asked download music and buy CDs, this has helped me with what the contents of my magazine will include.

The chart shows that the people I asked like the gig/tour dates best closely followed by pictures and posters. Therefore in my music magazine I will have to include the gig information to appeal to my target audience.

On the other hand when asked what they dislike the most popular answer was the adverts. However I would still have to include adverts in my magazine so that the company can make money.

When asked what their favourite band or artist was, nearly all the answers were different. Therefore this shows that I will have to include as many band and artists as possible to satisfy the target audiences needs.

For this question people had to give a rating out of 5 to each aspect of a music magazine (were 1 is important, 5 is irrelevant). This chart shows how many 1’s each aspect received. The one with the most 1’s is interviews, therefore I will add several interviews to the contents of my magazine. 

When asked what words people associated with indie music some answers were quite similar. The most popular word was guitar followed by skinny jeans. These words have all inspired me to come up with a name for my music magazine.

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