Sunday, 7 November 2010

Publication Plan


Positioning Statement: Your indiependent music guide
Frequency of Publication: Monthly
Price: £2.95
Distribution: Newsagents and supermarkets; HMV; Dawsons and gigs
Rationale: The approach of the magazine from indie music fans perspective. The magazine will offer interviews and articles on bands and artists, asking about how they felt their tour is going. Furthermore the magazine will offer readers gig, festival and tour dates and information. Plus it would also contain posters as they were rated highly in my questionnaire.
Style: Informal and quite humorous. As the target audience is for 16-20 year olds the language will be quite simple but not too easy where the reader feels patronised. The paragraphs will vary in length and it may contain slang in the article or the headlines so that it appeals to the target audience.
Regular Content:
Editor's letter
Official Top 20 Indie Music Chart
Who is touring this month?
A Killer column – lead singer of the killers, Brandon Flowers, monthly column
Band of the month
Snap it up! – this month in pictures
So last month – reviews of last months gigs
Music Madness! – music quiz
10 Questions with... (mumford and sons)
Say What? – letters from fans
This month in music
This months best international band
Album Reviews

Feature Content:
Legal downloading sites
Breaking into the business – article on how to get noticed
Interview with Beat Surrender
An interview with Vampire Weekend
The Best Indie Bands
Guitars – a feature article on guitars
Playing Around – places where most talent scouts look
Radio 1 – what’s on their playlist this month
Article on Kings of Leon
The Drums on Shuffle – 25 songs most played on their iPod
The 10 Best Indie Albums
Article on Florence and the Machine
Interview with Yeasayer
Loving Lissie – article on Lissie

House Style:
Coverlines - Arial Black and Arial Bold
Headlines - Impact
Standfirst - Franklin Gothic Demi 14pt and in bold
Captions -  Arial 9pt
Features first paragraph - drop capital Times New Roman, 5 lines deep
News first paragraph - First word in bold capitals then the other two paragraphs bold
Body text - Times New Roman 11pt  
Colour Scheme - blue, black, red and white

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