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Friday, 15 October 2010

Analysis of Double Page Spread Articles

The codes and conventions of magazine articles are:

  • One main image
  • Image generally has direct address
  • Sometimes the main image is the background for the article, with the text on top
  • One half of the article is the main image which sometimes bleeds between pages
  • The headline is usually only a few words long
  • Headline sometimes uses stylised fonts
  • Headline used to draw in the reader as it doesn't tell them what the article is about as it is done by the stand first
  • There is a drop capital at the start of the article to show you were to start reading
  • Quotes are sometimes used in the headline, on the picture or in the stand first or to break up the text
  • Stand first introduces the article and is positioned under the headline, this also often contains the journalists name
  • There is a simple/minimal colour scheme
  • Text is usually 11pt
  • Techniques to draw in the reader include: bold texts, slightly bigger type size, capitals for the first few words
  • Byline - who wrote the article and photographers credit
  • Laid out into 2-4 columns
  • Strapline at the top of the page tells you the subject matter e.g. interview
  • Article is usually written informally to appeal to the reader and therefore the personality of the journalist comes through

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