Sunday, 3 October 2010

Codes and Conventions of a Music Magazine Contents Page

In the same lesson we also had to identify the codes and conventions of a music magazines contents page and this is what I came up with:

  • Layout - set out into columns, usually 3 or 4
  • One main image - relating to a feature article
  • - Other smaller images
  • - Structured layout
  • - Page numbers on the images which anchors to the written contents
  • Top of the page - name of magazine, issue date and the word contents
  • Subscription and contact information
  • Editors letter - sometimes appears on the top,left hand side of the page
  • Contents - is divided into categories and headings used to identify each category
  • An image of the front cover of the magazine
  • Colours - contents page uses the same, simple colour scheme as the front cover
  • Contents - written in the same conventional way: first line - page number, 1 or 2 words which could be the artists name or ambiguous text to intrigue the reader in bold type and often capitals, (12 or 13pt) subline(s) - gives more specific detail about what the articles about, smaller font and Roman, largest type size is 11pt.
  • Photography - is credited for the front cover, and there are interesting and varied photographs
  • Main categories - features and regulars
  • Bottom - page number, magazine title, issue date, often web address
  • Usually 1 or 2 pages

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